Educational Research

Educational research services offered to school districts related to the following:

  • Community Outreach – Family and Community Based Research

  • STEM Education Research – Application of STEM Education and program evaluation

  • Career and Technical Education Research – Application of CTE programs, outcomes, and industry based evaluation.

Research conducted by uniteSTEM members advances the undertsanding of integrated STEM education, community and corporate outreach, and career and technical education program development and understanding. Research conducted is directed toward continuing the pursuit of understanding engagement and learning.

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Business and Industry Opportunities

For companies interested in offering local districts with the following:

  • Curriculum Development – Create custom curriculum for quarter, semester, or year-long programs for schools.

  • Custom Lesson Plans – Create custom lesson plans for teachers to use for in-school or after-school programming.

  • Teacher Externships – Create teacher externship programs for educators to experience current industry practice.

uniteSTEM provides business and industry partners the opportunity to directly connect and create talent pipelines by engaging local schools and students by providing standards aligned curriculum and projects that specifically address industry experiences. Externships provide teachers with the opportunity to experience current industry practice and take their experiences back to the classroom to share with their students.

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Discover The Future

uniteSTEM is here to provide support to schools, business, and industry organizations in their continued pursuit for equitable, high-quality, and engaging programming.

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