STEM for Educators

Interested in building your educator toolbox? expanding your knowledge of STEM subjects, and projects?
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Supporting you, so  you can better support your students.

If you want to offer your students high-quality STEM learning, but are experiencing roadblocks, know that you aren’t alone. uniteSTEM is here to build your confidence, grow your pedagogical toolkit, and support you with the lesson plans and materials you need to give your students the gift of hands-on STEM education. Done right, STEM learning can introduce your students to a whole new way of thinking and problem solving—all while building valuable competencies. Explore how we can support you and your students and connect with us if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Together, we can prepare youth across Southeastern Michigan for career paths and experiences of the future.
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How We Can Support You...

STEM Professional Development

Hands-on professional development either in your school or onsite at uniteSTEM can open your eyes to different classroom organization models, learning tools, and applications of STEM technology. We can work with your district to find the most effective way to use your title funds to equip you with the training you need to incorporate integrated STEM learning into your teaching with confidence. Schools and districts may also host their professional development opportunities within the Lab@uniteSTEM.


The Lab@uniteSTEM provides educators, administrators, and support services personnel the opportunity to explore, learn, test, and implement STEM products in an open, engaging environment designed to provide open access and collaboration. The Lab’s resources include 3D printers, a 150W laser cutter, and a Shopbot Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router.

STEM Lesson Plans

Our integrated, experiential STEM lessons incorporate science, technology, engineering, math, and more to create empowering, relevant learning experiences. That “more” piece is important because our lessons draw upon creative arts, language arts, and other subjects.

STEM Materials

From brackets and circuit boards to laser-cut particleboard, we offer a wide range of materials to support STEM learning in the classroom. In addition to ready-made physical components, we are happy to work with you to build customized curricula and kits for your district, school, or class.

Homeschool Resources

We offer engaging, hands-on lessons that are self-paced, flexible, and fun. You can supplement your existing homeschool curriculum with our online STEM courses and accompanying project kits and materials. We also offer the option to bring your students to our Educational Learning Lab for afternoon and weekend programming. Please contact us for more details.