STEM for Youth & Families

Wondering About STEM?
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Is STEM Learning for you? We say, YES!

Wondering what coding is all about? Curious about one day pursuing a STEM career?

Dropping into our Educational Learning Lab or participating in a STEM summer program will empower you to ask questions, share opinions, and take charge of your learning. You’ll see how relevant science, technology, engineering, and math become as we use them to tackle real-world problems in our community.
uniteSTEM’s programs build confidence, resilience, and flexible thinking. Through integrated STEM learning, we’re equipping youth with the skills and strategies necessary to be tomorrow’s doers, dreamers, and problem-solvers.
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How We Can Support You...


The Lab isn’t for “tinkering” or merely “building exposure” to STEM technology. It’s a place for true skill-building, equipping our community with the foundational knowledge to support future STEM pursuits. We have designed our physical space and instructional methods for process-oriented exploration. Come and learn to use our 3D printers, 150W laser cutter, and Shopbot Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router. Drop by anytime to design and learn in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Summer Programs

Guided by caring educators, uniteSTEM’s summer programs offer hands-on, focused learning. You can choose to learn about robotics, 3D modeling and printing, coding and games, or drones, alongside others who share your curiosity. 

Workshops & Classes

uniteSTEM offers many new and emerging courses in STEM education for students of all ages. Topics include 3D Modeling, Computer Numerical Control (CNC), Robotics, Coding, Entrepreneurship, Software Training, and more. Don’t see a topic of interest? Give us a call, and see what else we can do at the Lab!

Homeschool Resources

We offer engaging, hands-on lessons that are self-paced, flexible, and fun. You can supplement your existing homeschool curriculum with our online STEM courses and accompanying project kits and materials. We also offer the option to bring your students to our Educational Learning Lab for afternoon and weekend programming. Please contact us for more details.

Mentoring and Turtoring

uniteSTEM is excited to offer mentoring and tutoring opportunities through uniteSTEM and our partner organization, Determined, Exceptional, Fearless, Youth – DEFY. We offer many different options for students to engage with mentors and tutors, and make community connections that last a lifetime. Stop by the Lab or contact us to set up a talk & tour!
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The uniteSTEM Approach

Our Approach To STEM Learning:


Hands-on learning gives students the chance to take risks, make miraculous mistakes, and grow through the process.


We weave together aspects of all core STEM disciplines drawing connections through real-world problem-solving.


We consciously cultivate a safe, supportive space where every individual belongs and every voice matters. 


We encourage our students to tackle challenges relevant to their real lives while giving back to the community we value.


Everything we do is in service of students in Southeastern Michigan, empowering them as tomorrow’s world-changers.